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    • Property Division

      Hi I have been seperated with my wife for 8 months we in a seperation agreement problem .I have been told that its 50/50 for property  on divison but I have a complicated mom gave us a gift for the down of a home in both our names .she was originally supposed to stay… Read more »

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    • random avatar Joey
      1 week ago
    • Dating after divorce is so hard

      Im not feeling cut out to handle these dates!  My friends said they would be fun but most of the time i feel like dating after divorce just leaves me feeling strange inside and not trusting of others.  How long until I feel good about dating again?  Is it true that one day I will just… Read more »

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    •  mark
      1 week, 3 days ago
    • Cheating Husbands

      Please post the number of times a month you had sex with your husband in the preceding 60 days(2 Months) right before you discovered he was cheating on your marriage, (I’ll post my reasons at the end of the poll).  Thank you for your participation.

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    • random avatar Bob
      2 weeks, 1 day ago
    • How to Fix and or Save your Marriage

      It’s a scientific fact that sex keeps women health. Get back to basics, turn that friggen’ cell/computer off and really concentrate on the following information. Women today need to integrate regular sex into their daily routine. Integrating sex into a daily routine will stimulate the mind and body and help produce a balance that you… Read more »

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    • random avatar Bob
      1 month ago
    • Marriage counseling

      Hey, I have been married for about five years. The past five years were really stressful as we had communication problems. He thinks that I am hiding things from him and I am cheating on him. I do not initiate sex and he thinks that I am having sex with another person. He often picks… Read more »

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    • random avatar annerichardson
      1 month ago