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    • Any advice how to survive this I could use

      married 34 years..  My husband is offering two years of spousal maintenance at $2000 a month. I think it’s unreasonable. He makes over $125,000 per year.  What  other peoples experience would be reasonable. The attorney is costing me a fortune I’m ready to just talk recently with him but I just need to know what… Read more »

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    • random avatar Anonymous
      4 hours, 20 minutes ago
    • Ready to leave

      We got married june 2nd 2013. He had an affair febuary 2014 that ended with me pregnant and finding out i had a std trich. Things got rocky I moved away. We worked it out. I got pregnant and he had 2 affairs. Well this time they werent sexual they were just talking over the… Read more »

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    • random avatar kristy
      4 hours, 22 minutes ago
    • Private investigator for cheating Spouse

      For 3 weeks i tried catching my cheating partner in the act but it seemed impossible. I checked the internet to hire a private investigator and contacted the most highly recommended which is John, in less than 24 hours I got all my husband’s passcodes and messages directly to my cellphone. He cloned my husband’s… Read more »

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    • random avatar Tammy
      1 week, 3 days ago
    • alimony and emigration

      Hello, I have to pay alimony forever. I have tried to change that, but my spouse have been diagnosed with MS. The court seem sorry for my spouse. I was married 10 years, and I have been paying alimony for 13. I don’t think is fair, so I am thinking to emigrate somewhere to avoid… Read more »

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    • random avatar SuperDuper
      2 weeks ago
    • "Needs Time"

      Three weeks ago my husband of almost 10 years and I got into an argument due to lack of communication.  I was so angry with him that I kicked him out of the house.  during these weeks he has not bothered to talk to me, made plans with his family to go to a casino…. Read more »

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    • random avatar Lin
      3 weeks, 5 days ago
    • Sad and worry

      I was just confirm that my daughter have autism and now my wife wanted a divorce. My daughter have just turned 3. I wanted nothing more then to both parents care and love by her side. This is the reason why I stay with my wife even know I don’t love her and have to… Read more »

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    • random avatar Billy
      4 weeks ago