Hey readers…. If the last person you slept with was your ex you’re in a jam!

You can’t get past your marriage if your only recollection of sexual experiences is still with your ex partner.

Sweet sexual memories of you and your ex will only leave you heart broken this holiday… so hit the dating scene and move on!

I speak from experience….

My ex left me reeling when he walked out on me.  We were still having great sex at the time so I couldn’t reconcile the heartache and the hot urges.

Every time I thought of sex with another partner my mind wound up back on memories of my ex.

Our tender moments in the bedroom and our familiar touch made me sad and depressed.

But after a few dates and some fun nights out I feel like my sexual past with my ex is old news. 

Other people play the game differently, making the stakes higher and the feelings even hotter.

Exploring new ways and different sensations release the mind and really allow you to escape.

I thought sex with my ex was the best but I am actually finding that our sex life was just ok.

I’m not promoting being with anyone you meet but I am saying if you get hot for your date why not just try the sex so you can move past your ex.

Trust me…. It works magically!

Jennifer, 51, Markham

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