I said “I DO”, to me.  On May 24, 2015 I liked it so I put a ring on it.  Without even realizing it at the time what I had done was Marry Myself.  I’ve since “googled” women who marry themselves just to see if I was the only one to perform this ceremonial act, but much to my surprise I discovered that it is quite a popular trend, especially amongst divorcees.  It’s not uncommon for Women to exit a marriage with a deflated sense of self love, so once women go through the journey of healing after a divorce they often reach a stage where they realize that they finally love themselves, and without even consciously realizing it they begin to preform labors of love that they normally never would have on themselves.  In my case it was by way of a ring.

My journey for the perfect ring coincided with my journey for self love, I always knew that I would know the ring when I saw it, and that I would feel self love when I achieved it.  So, simultaneously my expedition began for the perfect ring that would symbolize me, and all my intricate parts.  The only criteria I had for my ring was that it had to be a reflection of me.  I thought that it would be an easy find, but really what was I thinking, I mean can rings really reflect people? I was optimistic, and so my harmonious voyage began.

It took me two years to find my ring, and coincidently it also took me two years to say with conviction that I love myself.  Two years of combing through every retail and on line jewelry store, and two years of untangling every negative and self-deprecating thought.  Two years of trying on various rings, and two years of taking off layers of  self doubt.  Two years of saying “that’s not the one”, and two years of saying “I want to be the one”.  It was a two-year mood swing for me to find my mood ring.

On May 24th, 2015, I found my ring, it was sitting behind a glass shelf amongst an assortment of others and without a shadow of a doubt I knew that it was the one.  To me it resembled a galaxy, it had seven different coloured stones located on a raised circular platform, and one higher black stone on an even higher platform located in the centre.  It reflected my universal qualities perfectly and my journey to self love, so without hesitation I purchased it and placed it on my finger and have not taken it off since.

Now two years later it’s missing one of the stones and is slightly tarnished, but “I wouldn’t change a ring”.


Amy Lindo

Amy Lindo is a divorced mother of 2 who recently joined Divorced Angels as  Manager of Business Development in the Vancouver area.  If you are interested in connecting with Amy please send her an email amylindo@divorceangels.ca

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