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Divorce can be tough, both emotionally and physiologically. At Divorce Angels, we understand the impacts of divorce, and we’re here to help. We offer a customized list of referrals to get you in touch with some of the best divorce help specialists in your area. All of our specialists have successful track records, and demonstrate utmost professionalism and sensitivity. Whether you need legal, financial, or emotional help, you’re not alone in this. Deal with your divorce confidently alongside our professionals at Divorce Angels.


Addiction Therapy Winnipeg
Addiction can be a devastating disease. Get the help you and your family need with an addiction therapist vetted by Divorce Angels. Working with a professional therapist gives people a better understanding of their addiction, and what the necessary steps are to recover. Consult our list of trusted therapists in Ontario today.

Couples Therapy Winnipeg
Divorce isn’t always the answer to turbulence in your marriage. Sometimes, a professional couples therapist is the simple solution to help you get through the issue. At Divorce Angels, we’ve compiled a list of the best couples therapists in Ontario. Your marriage is worth fighting for.

Estate Lawyers Winnipeg
Dealing with your estate is an important step following any divorce.  Hiring an estate lawyer is crucial in protecting the wealth, assets, and financial future of your family. Draft your last will and testament, arrange the handing over of “gifts,” and designate beneficiaries for your registered accounts with one of our top quality estate lawyers in Ontario.

Family Law Lawyers Winnipeg
Negotiate an equitable resolution with one of the best collaborative family law lawyers in Ontario, hand-picked by Divorce Angels. A divorce isn’t always a nasty process. Hire a lawyer to help you peacefully deal with child custody, child support, property division, and separation agreements.

Family Mediation Winnipeg
Keep your children stress-free during your divorce with a family mediator chosen by Divorce Angels. With a softer approach, our professionals can help you deal with child support, custody arrangements, and financial division. Check out our list of vetted family mediators in Ontario.

Financial Planner Winnipeg
Find peace of mind by planning your financial future in advance with a financial planner chosen by Divorce Angels. Make important decisions about your home, deal with retirement funds and pensions, and outline child support and custody agreements alongside a knowledgeable financial planning professional in Ontario.

Matchmakers Winnipeg
Getting back into the dating pool can help you move forward after a divorce. With our carefully selected Ontario matchmakers, you can expect a gentle, understanding service that will help you meet new people and have positive experiences. We understand that dating is tough with a busy schedule, which is why our services are designed to do the hard work for you.

Mortgage Broker Winnipeg
Get the best rates in your region with a mortgage broker hand-picked by Divorce Angels. Our mortgage brokers understand the local housing market, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure a confident, stress-free move. We understand how tough things can get after a divorce, that’s why we only refer you to the best, most compassionate mortgage brokers in your area.