The truth is most couples don’t think about working together when it comes to their divorce. 

But a trend in family law is for spouses to choose a “Collaborative Process” which focuses on reaching solutions through communications to resolve all their “divorce issues”, instead of going to court and letting a judge decide. 

As part of the collaborative law method, both parties retain separate attorneys whose job it is to help them settle the dispute.  As well, depending on the case and the situation, an additional team of professionals are brought in to help the divorcing couple understand and resolve their many different disputes through the entire separation/divorcing process  — including legal, emotional, parenting, and financial.

Many couples have found that the collaborative divorce process was beneficial to their resolution as it …..

  • Avoided the settlement going to court
  • In the end was less stressful
  • Was found to be less time consuming
  • Reduced the cost
  • Was easier to reach an agreement
  • Helped to preserve a relationship for the benefit of the children

Divorce Angels has skilled and compassionate Collaborative Professionals who can help you resolve your divorce issues and reach amicable solutions. To find a great collaborative professional in Toronto 

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