Whether you’re considering separation, going through a divorce or out the other side, finding the supports you need to move forward can get tricky. With so much on your plate right now, you might not even be sure what you’re looking for.

We know how overwhelming it can feel. That’s why we’re here.

Assuring you complete confidentiality and anonymity, we offer the most comprehensive suite of divorce, separation and lifestyle resources to help lighten your load and get you connected every step of the way.

From lawyers, financial planners and child advocates to movers, stylists, matchmakers and more, we provide customized professional referrals, rigorously vetted to meet any and all of your specific needs.

Our online community provides you a rare opportunity to chat in real time with real people going through it, while gaining new insights and inspiration from our topical forum, blogs, links and more.

And we are always offering special promotions to help ease your financial burden.

Because you deserve your happily ever after!

Marni, Shari and Mara

Co-Founders, Divorce Angels

3 Responses to “Welcome to your Divorce Concierge – a first of its kind.”

  1. Claire Carberry

    I am glad to see you created this resource. Our case preparation and lifestyle app helps make one of the most traumatic live choices a little easier. Consider us a resource to help people stay on top of their case!

  2. Ellen

    You are providing such a meaningful, helpful and much needed service to so many. Bravo ladies!


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