Tressa Porter

Divorce, separation and relationship conflicts can be painful, heart-breaking, disorienting and exhausting. The waves of emotions can even sink our ship! My job is to help you get your head above the water and get back in your ship. Together we can develop ways to strengthen your emotional navigational skills so you can weather this time with more ease and empowerment and become a strong captain of your ship.

My practice is unique because it is completely online. Access it anywhere and at anytime! It is therapy that suits your lifestyle and meets you in your life. No more waiting rooms or rushing across town for yet another appointment.

Secure face-to-face video-conferencing, phone, email and text appointments makes it easy for you to get the support you need. I will customize a service that meets your needs, while also leaving you time to attend to your life.

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Angels Endorsement

When our marriage, or primary relationship is struggling or over, it can call everything up for question. Turning our life upside down, we may lose a sense of who we are. It can be a painful time of recognizing dynamics we have been caught in, patterns that limit us and feelings that are overwhelming. This territory encompasses many challenges within ourselves and within all our relationships.

Often the patterns we get caught in we learned from our childhood or earlier relationships in our lives. Whenever we find ourselves behaving or reacting in ways we don't want, yet struggle to respond differently, the past is present and gets in the way of our clarity.

Tressa works with you to take care of whatever past is present and support you to feel more agency in your life now. She draws from many areas of therapy such as attachment, relational psychotherapy, trauma, family systems and more, to guide you. She knows which therapy or modality is appropriate to use for the particular issue being addressed and seamlessly draws from her many years of training and experience.

Tressa is a skilled down-to-earth therapist and an excellent guide through this painful and challenging territory. She brings a natural warmth, humour and an open approach to therapy. She provides a non-judgmental, accepting and confidential online space where you can safely share the complexities of what you are experiencing. She is committed to support you to feel better about yourself and your life and discover your own unique ways to navigate this period of your life with greater empowerment and clarity.