Terran Shea

Terran Shea is a certified Dating Coach, Matchmaker and founder of Mutual Match. She uses a full-service, holistic approach to help men and woman find their way back to dating, with the ultimate goal of meeting their life partner.

Terran offers a unique program that combines ongoing, one-on-one coaching with personalized, traditional matchmaking. She goes beyond the match to make sure her clients have the best opportunity to make a true connection.

After going through a separation, Terran got serious about exploring the dynamics between men and women, and what makes for a relationship that really works and is sustainable. It became clear that we all invest a great deal of time and energy on our careers but often leave our love lives to chance, despite the fact that our partner choices greatly impact our levels of happiness. Mutual Match was started from that belief that the search for a life partner is too important to leave to chance.



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In meeting with Terran, it’s clear that she has a unique ability to relate to her clients. She is open and empathetic, and really understands the challenges faced by singles who have been out of the dating world for a while.

Terran has worked hard to design a comprehensive and proven program that combines coaching with matchmaking, that will not only get you dating again but is focused on helping you find your life partner.

She works with single professionals from across the Greater Toronto Area. Many of her clients are divorced, some are also raising children, but all are managing busy careers. They are ready for a long-term relationship and recognize the benefits of getting focused and hiring a matchmaker and/or dating coach to move them forward.

Mutual Match provides a truly personalized service that takes every client’s unique needs into consideration.