Susan Semeniw

Highly customized executive-level matchmaking and dating service with over 11 years in the business. Divine Intervention (DI) does searches predominantly in Vancouver, Alberta and Toronto, as well as throughout North America and Europe on a case-by-case basis.

Susan Semeniw, owner of DI, has held traditional corporate marketing and sales positions, strengthening her people and communication skills to attract the right people to her clients. Partnering with several specialty businesses, Divine Intervention is strategic in how they meet and work with an array of professionals and they are discerning with their clientele.

In addition to matchmaking searches, Divine Intervention helps coach their clients to success; feedback is a key element to enhanced dating and the team at DI is dedicated to giving each and every client the right information to bring love into their lives. Clients can choose coaching-only packages or matchmaking and embedded coaching packages. Each and every packages is unique – just like the clients they work with.

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Angels Endorsement

Men and women heal differently from their past relationships; women often reflect for longer periods of time and will work on themselves. Men - on the other hand are more inclined to jump right back into the dating arena.

This example is an illustration as to why Susan and her team at Divine Intervention works well with the divorcee crowd as their clientele is mainly men who are looking to move forward in their love lives.

They work with men ranging from late 20s to mid 70s, of all ethnicities and nationalities and they have collected data that keeps consistent with most of the best-selling relationship books in the business. They use their intuition, their extensive and unique experience to confirm their deep understanding of men and their biological and relationship habits.

They are male specialists.