Ron Sigurdson

I am a Family Therapist (MMFT) in Winnipeg who excels at working with clients who typically do not find therapy useful.

I see individuals, couples and families. I enjoy a high success rate, clients often report that they have achieved genuine change after a few sessions. Clients comment that I have the ability to make the complicated simple.

They like my use of analogies, pictures, my use of humour and my easy going approach. I have assisted many couples and their families navigate divorce and/or to create new relationships post-divorce. In addition to my work assisting clients with divorce, I also help clients overcome addictions, anxiety, depression and anger.

I assist individuals, couples and families to communicate effectively and to resolve conflict. I am respected for the work that I do with people who have experienced trauma and mistreatment. My office is located in the Courts of St. James which has lots of free parking, is on major bus routes and is wheel chair accessible.

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Angels Endorsement

Ron provides honest, straightforward and helpful feedback. He is highly skilled at working with volatile couples.

Ron is able to help couples focus on how they can interact more effectively and calmly. He uses an experiential approach to help his clients learn better ways. Ron is able to use his years of experience to quickly identify key issues.

He realizes that many of his clients do not want to be in the same room as their exs, he has an amazing ability to use humour and his personality to create a safe environment where real work can happen.

Ron is extremely knowledgeable about family and couple issues. He is a great listener and is great at being directive. When his clients are unsure of how to proceed, he is able to empower them to create shared goals.

Ron has a fairly flexible schedule (evenings and weekends), he is also open to phone calls and emails.