Richard A. Noll

Ric Noll graduated from the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law in 1984 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1986.

After practicing in various fields he has primarily been doing all aspects of family law for the last 25 years. Ric has represented clients in all levels of court in all aspects of family law disputes. When ever possible he prefers to negotiate a settlement for his clients and keep them from the expense both financially and emotionally of the court process. When not possible, he moves the matter through the court system, at all times keeping his client’s options open.

For the past several years, Ric has been able to offer his clients the option of resolving these issues through the Collaborative Family Law process. He is trained and continues his education in this area where client’s and lawyers enter into a contract which focuses on interest based negotiations and takes the threat of court out of the process. This process is very client focused and it combines the best of custom making a solution with the assistance of strong legal support and knowledge.

Collaborative also allows for the inclusion of other professionals to assist in the solution where their function is to gather information, provide insight and remain neutral throughout. The end result is a creative, negotiated separation agreement which is reached in a shorter period of time, and meets the client’s and their families particular needs and challenges.

Ric is knowledgable in family trust, corporate, business and partnership interests and professional practices in the family law venue. Throughout a file he continues to provide clients with practical alternatives for achieving the most timely and cost efficient result.  Ric is also very familiar with real estate, wills and estate issues. His background in these areas help him assist clients in completing settlements and providing them with a full package of family law services.

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Angels Endorsement

The Collaborative approach to family law issues is a creative and cost effective way for client's to create a custom made resolution for their family and their particular needs.

Ric has extensive experience in this area and is a firm believer in this approach in family law. He does however have the added benefit of many years of litigation experience and negotiation which brings an added dimension to his practice.

Early on in meeting with client's, Ric will provide them with various options which are appropriate for their particular issues including the possibility of resolution through the Collaborative process.

He is able to talk to clients in language that they can easily understand at a difficult time in their life. He voices his opinions and is direct in his approach but at all times, lets the client decide which options will make the most sense for them and their family.

A large portion of Ric's practice is referral work both from past client's and from other professionals who recognize the need for assistance in complex financial issues or difficult parenting issues. It is Ric's philosophy that there are many alternative routes to a solution rather than straight to the court house door.

Communication is key and Ric is a very clear and no nonsense communicator. He is also able to get parties to focus on common goals and create outcomes which the parties can commit to.