Ravital Khardas

Ravital obtained her law degree at Bond University, Australia in 2006. She was admitted as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Justice in Australia in 2007. Ravital focused her practice primarily in Family Law, assisting her clients in all matters, including but not limited to, understanding their legal rights and obligations, negotiating settlements, and attending court on her clients’ behalf. She returned to Ontario in 2008. Ravital then worked and articled at a Toronto firm where she was further exposed to all matter relating to Family Law. Ravital was called to the Ontario Bar in 2010.

Ravital exclusively practices in the area of Family Law, where she represents her clients in a vast array of matters, including divorce, custody, access, child and spousal support, property issues, and domestic contracts. Although Ravital understands the emotional sensitively surrounding separating couples, she is able to remain impartial and focused on representing and advocating her clients’ best interest, both in and out of court. Ravital is also conversant in Hebrew and Russian.

To contact Ravital directly, please email her at ravital@torontodivorcelaw.com

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Angels Endorsement

Rivital is a well skilled lawyer who is defined by her professionalism, expertise and dedication.

Rivital listens to her clients concerns and recognizes how difficult this time is in their life. She is compassionate and guides her clients with care, communication and effective solutions.

Her expertise combined with her, kindness and commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients are the reasons for her success.

Secondly, the attorney has a heart for helping people and that doesn’t necessarily mean somebody that sympathizes with you, it can simply mean somebody that is just simply receptive to