Nicola Savin

With a focus on settlement and the best interests of her clients and their children, Nicola uses her extensive training and experience in collaborative practice and mediation to assist her clients in meeting their goals.

Nicola will help you avoid the conflict and expense involved with prolonged court battles. You will be able to reach solutions so you can move on with your life.

She has over 25 years of experience with a range of clients. Her legal knowledge and access to other expert professionals at her firm in estate, real estate, criminal, corporate, employment and civil law, means she services professionals, business owners and those with complex financial and personal situations.

Nicola is President of the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation (OCLF) and Past Chair of Collaborative Practice Toronto (CPT). She was a guest instructor at the Intensive Trial advocacy course at Osgood Hall Law School and at Osgoode Hall’s Masters of Law program in Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Nicola is also a past President and a former Director of Jessie’s Non-Profit Homes and past Vice-President and Director of Jessie’s Centre for Teenagers (a centre for pregnant or parenting teens, which provides high school level education, among other services).

To arrange a consultation with Nicola, Please call her assistant, Vanesa at 416-642-8817 or email her at


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Nicola specializes in collaborative family law.

After practicing for many years as a family law litigator, she embraced collaborative practice 15 years ago. Collaborative practice allows clients to customize solutions for their family with the assistance and support of professionals who are dedicated to the well being of their clients and their children.

As the product of divorced parents and having gone through her own divorce, she understands the financial and emotional challenges that many separating spouses and their children face. She and her staff will provide timely, efficient and supportive services. You will be provided with the legal information and wise counsel you require so you can make informed and constructive decisions.

Nicola has practiced family law with integrity, dedication and a high degree of skill and competency for over 25 years.