Nelima Maraj

Having gone through a life changing divorce approximately ten years ago and eventually coming out stronger and happier. Nelima is aligned with the mission of Divorce Angles – those that are going through separation and divorce can create a great life.

Nelima Designs is a full-service design firm that specializes in working within your budget and your needs. Integral to Nelima’s work is the belief that your environment directly affects your mood and emotions. She strives to create a ‘centred living experience’.

Living in a balanced centred space makes facing and dealing with life struggles easier. Calming colours, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments allow us to settle and rejuvenate.

Together we will create a feeling of peace in your home. During transitional times it is crucial to have a space that is your sanctuary.

Staying at home:
*  Nelima Designs makes suggestions as to inexpensive and quick changes you can make to create a new atmosphere within a space.

Design to Sell:
*  This service gives your property the edge it needs in today’s competitive property market while keeping budget in mind. Nelima designs layouts showcasing your property in its finest light.

*  Her keen eye helps you to go through the clutter and suggests those items that will be of use to you in the next phase of your life.

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Angels Endorsement

Nelima has gone through a separation and divorce, her experience gives her an insight into some of the pitfalls that come at this difficult time.

She is able to appreciate others going through the process. Her creative and refined aesthetics will add to making your place reflect who you are.

Nelima brings to the table her passion about design and decorating. She also brings the ability to truly listen to her clients and establish trusting relationships with them. She interprets their words into a design vision to create a home environment they can enjoy.