Nelima Maraj

Nelima wants you to feel and look your best.

Nelima believes that every woman would gain confidence if she understood more about applying her makeup, using the right tools, finding the colours that work for her and perfecting basic techniques.

The beauty industry is constantly changing , so it is important to stay open to new ideas and to acknowledge and try new approaches. The goal is always to help women look and feel beautiful.

I will provide the knowledge that will make you feel comfortable purchasing, applying and enjoying makeup.

Nelima’s talented make-up skills and techniques allow you to look your very best even on those off days. Her makeup artistry can take you from an everyday natural, youthful look to the red carpet, all the time keeping in mind your lifestyle.


Make-up lessons:
Bring your makeup kit with you and we can practice using your own supplies. With just a few simple steps and tricks you will be on your way to mastering makeup techniques.

Kit refinement and shopping:
Nelima works with you to refine your personal make-up kit to fit your needs and makes suggestions as to additions that will give you the quality look you want. She will share some of her drugstore finds and show you how to use the products properly.

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Angels Endorsement

Nelima is known for her aesthetic flare, so it is no surprise that makeup artistry is a natural and comfortable fit for her. Her attention to detail and ability to help clients achieve their most beautiful and natural look is the secret to her success.

Her love and passion for the art of makeup is evident in her work. She takes care of her clients beauty needs whatever the occasion. Nelima is also a great teacher with a refined style, and will make house calls to apply makeup in the comfort of your own home.