Mark Smith

By training I am a Family Therapist and I’ve worked with individuals, couples and families for 30 years. In the last 15 years I’ve added divorce related issues to my practice as a specialty.

Divorce is a family event like many others (moves, bankruptcy, death of family member) and it challenges those involved to manage themselves as best as they can through the transition and beyond. Parents have to co-parent until the child grows up and comes of age and children have to learn how to deal with the differences in parenting and what goes on in each home.

My approach as a Parenting Coordinator, Collaborative Divorce Coach or Co-Parenting Therapist has this in mind. How to be reasonable and flexible, and manage the differences well.

Parents and children don’t always manage the transition from one family to two well and sometimes, for many different reasons; parents can stay stuck in that conflictual place. The role of a Parenting Coordinator is to help keep effective co-parenting on track and not stay stuck in the conflict.

What I think I bring to the mix is a way to talk about differences and find common ground.

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Mark's experience with families and his understanding of family emotional systems makes him uniquely qualified to work with families where a Parenting Coordinator is indicated.

Not only does he understand the stress and anxiety that often drives conflict in co-parenting relationships, but he also has an appreciation for the needs of the children in these situations.

Mark's approach to the role as Parenting Coordinator is one of encouraging each parent to stay flexible and reasonable while seeking what is in the best interest of their children. Certainly arriving at agreement is preferable when by consensus, but when needed, parents can benefit from direction or a decision and as a Parenting Coordinator he's comfortable going there as well.

"Divorce is thought of as a legal process with an emotional component, however people experience divorce as an emotional process with a legal component..."