Mark P. Harendorf

Mark has been providing advice to his clients for over 30 years at HSM LLP; an accounting firm founded by his father more than 50 years ago. Mark is a principal in the firm and assists his clients with their accounting, tax and other business needs. Mark’s goal is to add value to a client’s business and help business owners work more “on their business” rather than “in their business”.

Mark has spent countless hours providing advice and assistance to clients who went through a separation and/or divorce. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), Mark is well versed with the various accounting and tax related issues that a client will experience during the separation and divorce phase of their life.

Mark founded AFD (Accounting for Divorce). AFD was and is designed to specifically assist both clients and family law lawyers obtain a faster, more equitable and tax effective separation and divorce.

The following are a sample of services that AFD offers to its clients:

  • In-depth initial consultation (free of charge) to understand the specific circumstances of the client and to outline and establish their goals and objectives for both the present and the future.
  • Design a practical and timely game plan for the work required.
  • Working closely with your family law lawyer by providing all documentation requested to expedite the divorce process.
  • Review and analyze separation agreements from a tax perspective and provide advice and/or commentary to your lawyer in order for them to achieve a more equitable outcome for you at the mediation and/or arbitration table.
  • Assist clients with document gathering, ie bank statements, credit card statements, tax returns, etc.
  • Assist clients with preparation of their financial statement(s), (Form 13.1).
  • Assist clients with budget preparation.

Mark would be delighted to meet with you and see if he and the services of AFD can assist you in achieving a faster and more equitable divorce than you thought possible.

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Angels Endorsement

Over his many years of assisting clients through their divorce and by going through the process himself, Mark has gained valuable insight into the process, timelines, emotions and what it takes to get to “the other side”.

Mark’s primary goal (and that of AFD as well) is to assist clients and their counsel expedite the divorce process.

Mark is a practical practitioner and will devote a great deal of time to not only listen to his clients but also truly hear what their wishes, goals and objectives are for both today and the future.

Mark’s hand holding approach in dealing with his clients makes them feel comfortable and at ease and that, Mark truly “has their back” and will be there for them every step of the way.