Marie-Ange Galy

Marie-Ange started her career with a bachelors in nursing. She then moved to Canada, and completed her training as a doula (birth companion or post-birth supporter). Finally, she chose what she loved most about her work: relationship aid. After 4 more years of studies, she is now a relationship aid therapist specializing in helping children.

Her process with children begins with exploring their self-awareness to help them acknowledge their strengths, understand their own difficulties, which in turn allows them to realise their inner value. Self-knowledge is the basis of her work.

She also offers individual therapy for adults.

Marie-Ange Galy a commencé sa carrière comme infirmière. Elle a ensuite immigré au Canada, puis est devenue Doula (accompagnante à la naissance). Finalement, elle a choisi ce qu’elle aimait le plus de son travail : la relation d’aide. Après 4 ans supplémentaires de formation, elle est spécialisée en relation d’aide pour enfants.

La thérapie en relation d’aide pour les enfants utilise des méthodes spécifiques (jeu, dessin, images) qui permettent à l’enfant de s’ouvrir au thérapeute. Les émotions et la relation avec ses parents et ses amis, sont au cœur de la démarche. Elle travaille pour que les enfants connaissent leurs émotions, les acceptent, qu’ils puissent reconnaître leurs forces et leurs difficultés personnelles. Cela leur permet de nourrir leur valeur intrinsèque. La connaissance de soi est la base de son travail.

Elle offre aussi la thérapie individuelle pour adultes, en français.



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Angels Endorsement

As a child of divorce, as a wife and mother, Marie-Ange knows that children need a secure space so they can be themselves. They need a place where they feel protected and can talk safely about many different topics such as school, relationships, emotions like anger, sadness etc.

Parents are busy thinking of a lot of different things during the divorce process. As a relationship aid therapist, Marie-Ange offers an open dialogue with your child and she is there to inform and guide you through this difficult period, so you could learn how to keep an authentic and connected bond with your child.

Her kindness and spiritual insight, makes her a calm and a warm therapist. She sincerely understands people and accepts their differences.

Her work on mindfulness and well-being into her life, allows her to teach the benefits and give it back generously to people who she works with.

Marie-Ange is a sensitive woman, who lives her life fully by helping others.