Lynn Kaplan

Saving your money, recovering your time, and restoring your well-being

Your Divorce Doula & Divorce Coach is a lifeboat in the storm of Separation. She serves as your partner before, during and after this challenging time. A time that can be very difficult to navigate on one’s own.

Your Divorce Doula & Divorce Coach provides personal coaching, strategic planning and expert guidance to meet your full range of practical and emotional needs. She educates and prepares you to work effectively and efficiently with other specialists, such as lawyers, accountants, or mediators to ensure a more economical use of your money, time, and emotional resources.

  • Enjoy support and education for mediation, litigation and parent coordination. From financial statements to parenting plans and separation agreements, receive help to prepare for meetings with your divorce professionals
  • Plan strategies to adapt to the changes that you and your children are undergoing as your family structure changes
  • Learn techniques to imagine positive outcomes and how to realize them

Saving your money and recovering your time…

  • Preparing you for mediations, meetings with your lawyer or divorce professional so that you can walk in with a succinct and organized agenda;
  • Assisting with the preparation of financial statements, parenting plans and separation agreements
  • Helping you to organize your documents and fill out paperwork

Restoring your emotional well-being

  • Empowering you to separate and divorce in a positive and graceful manner
  • Serving as a crutch, a sounding board, a friend and a partner
  • Providing strategies to adapt to a new status quo as your family structure changes
  • Helping you to explore a new outlook and experience of life so that it includes an increased sense of wholeness, connection, purpose, mindfulness, optimism, and joy
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Angels Endorsement

Lynn brings to the table an open, direct style, and a nonjudgmental approach. In her own life, she has worked at turning obstacle into opportunity, and she motivates her clients to do the same.

With her warm and nurturing personality, she educates and supports her clients through the practical and emotional challenges of separation and divorce. Lynn becomes a trusted partner and helps her clients navigate the before, during and after during this challenging time in their lives.

Her experience allows her to teach people how to work effectively with other specialists to ensure a more efficient use of their money, time, and emotional resources.

She is flexible and can work either in person, by phone, email or Skype, to accommodate her clients and their busy schedules. This also allows her to provide support to clients who are located in different provinces or even countries.

The nurturing and supportive environment that Lynn creates allows for her clients to move forward in an empowered and positive manner.