Leah Allison

Working with families as a law clerk, Leah saw and felt the pain people were going through, but because of how law firms typically operate, there was only so much she could do to help.  After months or even years of working with clients, she still felt frustrated knowing that even when their legal battles were over, all too often they’d be left on their own to figure out how to put their lives back together,

In 2008, She left law and went back to school to become a Certified Life Skills Coach with an emphasis on families, separation and divorce.  Almost at t the same time she remarried and became a step-parent.

It was at that time she discovered firsthand the unique challenges that are presented to step-parents, but was shocked to find the lack of resources and support available to people like her. It was then that she added to her specialty to provide assistance for step-parents, so they too could have a voice, and receive the support they need to overcome the many challenges and limitations as well as celebrate the profound joys and uniqueness of that parenting role.

Leah experience both personal and professional, brings a unique perspective to divorce, separation, and step-parenting..  She believes in being straightforward, honest, and real. She begins with an initial meeting that can happen over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, or somewhere more private.

She lets you tell your story and get an idea of how she can help. Then she helps you set some goals and make a plan to get you where you need to be. You could be in the early stages where kids might not be aware of what’s happening. You might be considering a move in with a partner who has kids, or you might be struggling with issues long after the dust has settled for everyone else. There’s no right or wrong time to get started.

Just give Leah a call and talk.

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Leah has been through the hardship and heartbreak of divorce, but has worked through it to find laughter, contentment and love.

She became a Certified Life Skills Coach almost at the same time she remarried and became a step-parent. She understands first-hand the challenges that are presented.

Leah provides assistance and support for step-parents to help them understand and overcome the challenges and limitations, as well as enjoy the unique relationship of that role.

She focuses on setting goals, and helping her clients achieve them. She knows that everyday goals can be difficult enough to achieve under normal circumstances --add divorce, separation, blending families, and step-parenting, and the difficulty grows exponentially.

Leah is honest, caring and giving. She is extremely attentive and observant of other people's emotional state. As your coach, she is there to help guide you when a major life change happens in your life -- Why take that on alone?