KYJO (Kylie and Jonathan)

Kylie & Jonathan are the founders of KYJO, a Personal Brand Development Boutique, and are Toronto’s Male and Female Personal Style and Image Consulting Team. Dedicated to empowering the personal and business lives of clients, they work from the inside out, aligning client clothing with personality, lifestyle, and professional goals. They believe that looking your best is crucial to feeling your best, which leads to greater confidence, performance, and life satisfaction. Both Kylie & Jonathan are certified Image Consultants, and together they have backgrounds in arts, media, communication and fashion that holistically inform their work with you. Their attention to detail and relaxed, fun approach to clothes provides you with a refined and supportive experience around your personal style goals. Kylie & Jonathan’s services are both fun and affordable, and are designed to help you bring out your best self.

They offer virtual coaching services over Skype, in-home closet and wardrobe evaluations, personal shopping assistance, and full wardrobe transformations for any lifestyle.

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The work of Kylie & Jonathan is based on a philosophy of working from the “inside out”. When you get clear about who you are on the inside, you can then bring that out into your life. At the same time, your appearance also plays an important role in how you feel on the inside – so feeling good about your clothes has a strong impact on your personal confidence and self-esteem.

Through work with numerous clients who are recently divorced and new to the dating scene at a later stage in life, Kylie & Jonathan have witnessed the power of refreshing your self-image. After being in a long-term relationship, taking time to rediscover yourself and connect with values that may have taken a backseat through years of family and work life, clothing is a simple and effective way to get a jump on who you are NOW, and to begin thinking about where you want to go as you transition through the changes that divorce brings to your life.

As a Male/Female team, Kylie & Jonathan offer two perspectives on style and create a fun and informed environment of discussion and self-enlightenment around clothes. They strive to de-mystify clothing and style for their clients, making it simple and stress-free to make empowered clothing choices every single day. In the words of a recent client: “Kylie & Jonathan not only changed the way I looked at clothes and style, but changed the way I looked at myself.”