Kathy Thomas

Kathy is a trained and certified coach, with a background in psychology. She began coaching 25 years ago to help parents cope with the turbulent times a parent faces throughout the toddlers to teen years.

Parenting is tough and can be a lonely and frustrating time. As a young mother of 2 small children, Kathy faced the same challenges that you may be encountering today. Unlike today however, parenting help was sparse. There was no one to turn to when her kids were acting out and it was difficult to find a common ground with her partner. Kathy recognized the need for support and expert guidance for parents and began training for herself and followed with certification to pass her knowledge on to other parents.

Kathy teaches practical and effective techniques that last forever, are easy to implement, and have proven to resolve many of the problem areas within weeks. Once you’ve incorporated Kathy’s techniques into your daily routine, you’ll notice a positive shift in your child’s behavior, you’ll gain back your confidence, you’ll sleep better, feel calmer, be happier and will begin to enjoy your family once again.

Kathy teaches parents how to:

  • create reasonable boundaries by using fair, firm, and consistent guidelines · replace punishments with natural consequences
  • exchange reward-giving with character-building
  • learn how NOT to be a doormat
  • learn how to stop nagging
  • recognize & understand ADHD · implement executive functioning within the household
  • engage family co-operation
  • achieve effective time-outs
  • manage temper-tantrums · listen actively
  • help their child self-evaluate and problem-solve
  • cope with sibling rivalry
  • stop fighting about school and homework
  • choose the right words and when to say them
  • gain insight from past experiences
  • lead by demonstration
  • recognize and accept what’s working and what’s not
  • effectively incorporate different parenting styles
  • navigate & prepare a parent-plan ready for mediators for separating parents

Recognizing the parent-child relationship as one of the most important and complex relationships in a parent’s life, Kathy brings hope and confidence to the many parents she has taught, helping them stay close with the ones they love while keeping their sanity at the same time! Kathy manages a private practice at a counselling and consulting clinic in central Toronto.

Kathy’s mission is three-fold:

  1. to provide a safe and comfortable place where parents can explore their situation;
  2. to instill hope and confidence now and in the future;
  3. teach parents new skills that really work!
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Angels Endorsement

When the skills needed for separating parents are lacking, anxiety and frustration set in. This isn’t good for anyone – especially the kids.

Kathy has the background and skill set to help parents safely navigate through a complicated parent-plan.

Kathy is compassionate and easy to talk to and brings an individualized set of skills into the therapy process. She is dedicated to helping parents as they navigate and explore their situation.

Through guidance and learning, she helps parents and stepparents learn techniques that help deal with their child's behaviour and anger, in order to live a happier life post divorce.