Karyn Fine

“Awareness is the biggest key to successful living”

I am a quintessential entrepreneur who has taken all of my life’s learning and become a successful Empowerment Mentor.  My life experience, as well as a multitude of training, helps guide people who may be at a crossroad or even simply not reaching their full potential.

I am a catalyst for everyone open to real, long-term change.  Being aware of what you already possess wakes you up to your own real potential.

I am open-minded, non judgmental and a side door thinker. My unique ability is to see people for who they are and focus on their strengths. We all put up protective walls and sometimes those protective walls stop us from being aware of what we can achieve.


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Angels Endorsement

Karyn is a divorced woman and mother of two boys. She has expertly taken her own adversities and pain and made them into a positive ladder of growth.

As a coach and mentor, she helps you become clear about the strengths that you possess and how to direct them to facilitate change. Awareness is the biggest key to successful living after divorce.

She listens to who you are, opening your eyes to strengths that you already possess, enabling confidence and awareness to lead you to your happiness.

Karyn is very easy to talk to and her unique ability to listen and share her wisdom has continuously gotten positive results.