Karin Charuz

My yoga journey began while serving in the Israeli army in 1999. The stress had me seeking a way to find a method to relax my aching body and quiet my busy mind. I joined a meditation group and the experience almost immediately opened a portal to a whole new world. I entered through that door and found I was able to connect to myself on a higher level, developing a deeper awareness and understanding inside of me – where it all begins and ends .

This keener awareness guided me to a new way of thinking and led me into a healthier and more balanced way of living.

As I deepened my practice through Asanas (Yoga postures) and Pranayama (Breathing techniques) I was amazed how quickly my body opened up and transformed me physically, mentally and spiritually. At that point, there was no turning back to my old ways of thinking and doing. It was as if I found my inner truth deep inside me and there was no way I could ignore it. I knew immediately I wanted to share this with others so since 2006 I have devoted my life to guiding others, helping them into a true state of self acceptance and to the improvement of physical and emotional well being through the practice of Yoga and mindful living.

My classes focus on staying connected to the inner self with emphasis on the breath and developing body and mind awareness. From a physical standpoint we concentrate on developing core strength, muscle tone, improved posture, balance and inner confidence.

Teaching Background 

I am a senior instructor at Yoga Tree Studios in Toronto which is the largest privately owned Yoga operation in Ontario. I also handle a significant portion of the teacher training program and have helped train and develop hundreds of yoga instructors over the last several years. I have led spiritual retreats and various workshops here in Canada as well as abroad.

I am teaching private Yoga classes at lunch time for two large corrporations and leading Meditation sessions on their health and wellness day each year.

During summer time I teach a weekly class designed for horse back riders at ‘Skyridge Farm’ in Tottenham, ON. I also teach private gorups as well as one on one sessions designed for specific needs and personal goals.

I believe that the practice of Yoga is adaptable and suitable for every body type and encourage my students to listen to their bodies as they work to safely deepen their practice while at the same time having fun with it.

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Angels Endorsement

Life is a journey and along the way we are certain to face challenges and hardships. Karin believes they are meant to open our eyes to what is beyond.

During her own separation that led to divorce, she realized she was staying in a situation that was not healthy for her. She focused more on taking better care of herself physically, and dedicated more time to her own passions and interests. Through yoga training programs and workshops, she filled her life with positive learning and re-enforcement and is inspired to share this with others.

Karin is dedicated to her practice of Yoga as it helped her in navigating that transitional time, and still guides her today. She believes deeply in the power of Yoga to help and guide people through their lives. She teaches her students that they have the power to take their existence to a new level, open their hearts and minds and find courage to follow their dreams and make them your reality.

Karin believes every experience is a learning opportunity, and with the correct attitude and mindset, your growth is limitless and eternal.