Jonathan Reilly

At English Bay Law Corporation, we have three lawyers who can assist you with a variety of your legal needs.

We are experienced at assisting divorcing couples in the sale of real estate and frequently act as a neutral lawyer on a “limited, joint, retainer” for the purpose of selling property and dividing or holding proceeds as mutually agreed by the couple or their family law lawyers. This generally makes for a smoother and less expensive completion of the sale and Special Law society Rules apply that ensure fairness for the parties.

We can provide other legal services as well. Our Real Estate Associate is Ryan Klassen. We would be pleased to provide you with a standard estimate in advance of being retained.

English Bay Law Corporation has been providing legal services in the Vancouver market since 2005.

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Angels Endorsement

Jonathan and his Associates at English Bay Law Corporation help to reduce the stress of buying and selling your home, shares in your business or other property.

They are able to meet separately with joint owners and also collaborate with each party’s Family Law lawyer, keeping both apprised of the transaction status. Limited joint retainers have special Law Society Rules for fairness that they discuss with their clients before they are retained.

Based on each client’s preferences, they will take instructions directly from the client, or from their Family Law lawyer, but they act only for the sale of the property, neutrally and separate from other issues.

The division of the proceeds is made only on the written, mutual agreement of the parties and they hold sale proceeds as a neutral party until mutual instructions have been given.

Because they act neutrally for both parties, they will not be pushed by either party into anything other than a mutually agreed distribution or a mutually agreed partial distribution.

Jonathan and his Associates are experienced at bringing focus and peace of mind to sale of property for divorcing couples.