Janice Stein

Although I have never been married, I was in a 14 year relationship and we loved each other, or so I thought.

He ended our relationship on my birthday, after I sold all my furniture and moved back to Montreal for him. I found myself with no job, no financial security and I was devastated. I yearned for something that was mine, and that couldn’t be taken away. I came back home to Toronto to start over, in my fifties.

So many of us today find ourselves unprepared for divorce,and so many of us stay out of fear, out of financial dependance, while many of us do not even have the option of staying.

I took control and started a career a Rodan + Fields. More than just a job, we are a network of women helping women. We all work independently but have the support of our colleagues with private Facebook groups to chat or ask questions. 

My status as an independent business owner gives me financial freedom , the freedom of time to spend with my family and most importantly, it gives me residual income. Skin care is a consumable that customers use and re- order. Not only am I selling skin care, I am also using the products and getting all the accolades of great skin. This career has boosted my self confidence and allowed me to enjoy independant success.

Previous skin care knowledge is not needed. All information is at your fingertips in our back office software with the ability to always have someone to call. Lifelong friends are made with fellow consultants all over the US and Canada and many of us are in the same stage of life.

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Angels Endorsement

Janice has worked hard to re-establish herself and build a career with Rodan + Fields. She really cares about helping others get started as she understands their situation and needs. Over the last few years, she has helped many divorce women start their career through this program.

One of her secrets of success is to love what you do. Janice is truly passionate about her career and loves the products she is selling, the independence of owning her own business, and the amazing people she has met along the way. She is smart, great to talk to and happy to help you embark upon this exciting new career path.