Heidi Greenfield

I have a profound belief in people and in their innate goodness and desire to be the best they can be. I believe that therapy is a process that is founded on the ability to trust another human being and that it is a privilege to be worthy of that trust.

Over the years, I have grown and developed as a human being and as a therapist. I have learned that one of the most important ingredients in any relationship – even and especially with yourself – is respect. It is not possible to love anyone you do not respect. With this basic premise in mind, I work with people to help them develop respect for themselves and others in relationships and in dealing with situations that life presents. I endeavour to treat my clients with respect and encourage them to challenge and stretch themselves.

I am a Registered Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work and over the past 33 years have worked in a variety of settings, from a Hospital to Children’s Mental Health to Family Services before starting my private practice in 2005.

I work primarily with couples and individuals providing a range of services from couples therapy to sex therapy—helping couples improve or dissolve their relationships, deal with infidelities and negotiate healthy post-divorce relationships for the benefit of children. I also provide individual therapy, dealing with depression, anxiety, transitions, loss and improving the quality of people’s lives and relationships.

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Angels Endorsement

Heidi understands that divorce is never an easy decision. It requires a good deal of thought and perspective and efforts to try to renegotiate the relationship provided that both parties are interested. She will work to help you be really clear about whether divorce is the only way forward.

Heidi recognizes that divorce requires enormous courage and strength to learn to navigate a new path in life. Along with the challenges that divorce creates in life, it also creates new opportunities to expand your own beliefs of who you are, what you are capable of and what and who you can be and become.

Recognizing and understanding where individuals are in the process of divorce from an emotional, physical and practical perspective requires a thorough assessment, listening carefully and asking probing questions.

Heidi’s warm, curious and nurturing personality helps her to pace the process and work along side the individual to support, encourage, challenge and assist them to move forward in their new reality.

Heidi has a dynamic belief in the ability of every human being to become their best self in every situation.