Guy Solomon – Penguin Basements

Guy Solomon is the founder and CEO of Penguin Basements, Canada’s leading basement renovation contractor and creator of The Second Suite Solution, a wealth-building strategy designed to help homeowners build wealth by converting their unused basement space into rental income.

Dedicated to the goal of bringing process and professionalism to an industry short on both, Guy has pre-engineered value, quality and efficiency into every aspect of his operation. Guy’s process innovations enable Penguin to take homeowners from the pre-build, permit acquisition and materials selection phases right through to the end of construction in five meetings (versus the 18-24 required by typical contractors).  What’s more, every Penguin project is backed by the ultimate customer-centric benefit: a fully transferable, limited lifetime warranty.

A charismatic and knowledgeable orator, Guy is a speaker for Renomark™. He has travelled across southern Ontario addressing consumer and industry groups on such topics as building a real estate portfolio, ethics in contracting, and the future of urban density.


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Guy Solomon and Penguin Basements' commitment to quality, professionalism and process is highly reassuring for families in transition.

In addition to using only best-in-class building materials and finishes, the company is committed to providing customers with ‘perfect information’ on everything from helping to secure financing, providing exact project costs (via a ‘fixed price’ policy) to the finish date.

Penguin's Online Customer Portal System keeps clients updated daily on which trades are working on their home, payment schedules, project timelines and milestones.

Guy’s reliable, well-orchestrated team can complete a basement project in 4-6 weeks (3 months if underpinning is required), with disruption to the principle residence kept to a predictable minimum.