Gary A. Stern

Gary A. Stern has been practicing exclusively family law since his call to the Bar in 1987. Previously Gary was a panel lawyer for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer and also taught the Bar Admission Course, Family Law Section.

Gary has taken all the requisite training courses to be a collaborative lawyer. Gary is a member of the Toronto Collaborative Association, the York Region Collaborative Association and the Durham Region Collaborative Association.

He has an office in Toronto and an office in Whitby and he has had files throughout Ontario and been to various Courts throughout Ontario. Gary also has a practice in mediation and has taken the required courses to do mediation/arbitration.

Gary has received various Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Given Gary's lengthy experience as a family law lawyer, He understands that going through a separation or divorce is an emotional experience. It can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience that requires the assistance of an experienced professional to ensure the process goes smoothly in a cordial, timely and most importantly, cost-effective manner.

Throughout his years as a family law lawyer, the dynamics of the modern family have evolved and his long standing focus on family law has allowed him to provide his clients with guidance based on my knowledge of the law as it relates to each client’s specific situation.

From his experience, he has learned that people fail to realize that things change over time and not every eventuality can be dealt with at the time you settle matters, whether through a Separation Agreement or from going to Court. Things change, society changes and people change. Clients can take solace in knowing that they will have confidential, daily and direct contact with Gary, his associate or his legal assistant throughout the separation and divorce process. He has committed himself to the practice of alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

Gary truly believes that all parties should consider mediation as an alternative to Court if they are intending to separate and want to resolve matters as quickly and amicably as possible. Gary strongly believes that with the right mediator at the head of the table, each and every file will settle, even the more difficult ones.