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Firemen Movers is a Residential and Commercial Moving and Storage company, currently in it’s 7th year of business. We are owned and operated by Firefighters and we have based our business model on trust and integrity. We treat all of our clients with a respectful and caring attitude and by doing so, have created a no-stress environment for clients on their moving day.

Doug Harper and Lorne Babiuk are the owners of the company and are both still active Firefighters in the Toronto area. They have created a helpful and knowledgeable team that makes an already stressful day much more bearable and can actually end up being fun and positive. Doug and Lorne also remain accessible to all of the Firemen Movers clients throughout the whole moving process.

Firemen Movers offers a full range of moving services, including full Packing and Unpacking. We operate six fully branded Firemen Movers trucks and we have an 18,000sq ft storage facility for all of your storage requirements

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Angels Endorsement

Firemen Movers makes sure that all of their clients are treated with the utmost respect and integrity. When you add in the breakdown of a marriage or union, moving day can become stressful and hard to manage. Their clean-cut, motivated, compassionate and skilled crews are well equipped to be helpful and understanding during times like these.

They excel in making their clients’ moving day as stress free and bearable as possible and know what is expected of them to help their clients the most. There glowing reputation reflects how they take care of their clients to makes their moving day a positive experience.

Their job as Professional Firefighters is all about compassion and understanding and they have instilled these important traits into the culture at Firemen Movers.