Ferris 360

Welcome to Ferris360! The Ultimate High-Intensity Full-Body Workout!

We are not just another gym, we offer our own signature carefully crafted Ultimate 60 Minute Full Body Workout!”

Our approach – you can get an amazing, kick ass workout every day, with convenient hours, 364 days of the year. Our workouts are designed for the athlete, the beginner and every body in between. We are about real people achieving real results. Clients tell us all the time how our workout methodology has changed their lives in dramatic positive ways. Even clients who say “I don’t do fitness classes” are hooked. We are a positive community committed to helping people get strong and stay strong. We don’t have any unhappy clients. What are you waiting for, the time is now to train like an athlete, because it works!

Ferris360’s FULL360 classes are challenging and motivating using a combination of cardio, strength, power, core and flexibility exercises. The result is a very dynamic, high-intensity program that helps you burn maximum body fat while increasing your strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and agility.

Give us your full effort for 60 minutes – 3 to 6 times a week – and you will see and feel the results quickly.


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Angels Endorsement

Sarah Ferris, owner of Ferris360, has always kept fitness at the centre of her life. She regularly competes in marathons, half marathons and triathlons – and has even raced cars professionally.

While living in California, circuit and interval training became an integral part of her physical conditioning. After her divorce, she moved back to Toronto in 2007, she couldn’t find a boutique-style gym that offered the type of classes she loved in California.

Ferris360 was born from her passion for highly effective, creative, fun and motivating workouts. With Ferris360, her goal is to offer her clients a unique workout that includes a combination of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, plyometrics, core drills and stretching.

From the moment you enter Ferris360 you can't help but feel how warm and inviting it is. Sarah has done an excellent job at making all her members feel relaxed and a part of her passion.