Felicity Bannister

Felicity has a BA from Queen’s University, an MSW from Carleton University and trained as a psychotherapist at the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy. She has also trained as a Life Skills coach and has completed the Applied Mindfulness Program at the University of Toronto.

Felicity has worked in mindfulness for over six years with adults and youth and has extensive experience running groups. Felicity’s experience includes running Mindfulness Meditation Programs in Clinical, Corporate, Community, Social Agency and Volunteer settings. Felicity has also run Life Skills groups and Empowerment groups for girls. She has also attended retreats at Ontario Vipassana and the Dharma Centre of Canada.

Felicity has experienced the transformative benefits of fostering her own mindfulness practice. It is her desire to bring these benefits to others that led her to establish MindSana.com. MindSana offers Mindfulness workshops that provide a toolkit of practices that can be used in one’s personal and professional life. One-on-one counselling is also available.

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Angels Endorsement

Getting divorced can be one of the most challenging times of your life, it can feel like the ground is shifting beneath your feet.

Felicity established MindSana to help you through this difficult transition by reducing stress, anxiety and depression in a supportive environment. Felicity teaches Mindfulness to help you to redirect your energy away from negative states, and help you build resilience, emotional intelligence, and increase positive emotions and happiness.

Felicity's calm presence, and the soft tone of her voice provide guidance, knowledge and a renewed sense of empowerment. She offers a supportive and positive approach to help you gain new insights and perspectives that will affirm your sense of self, and ultimately allow you to move forward in your journey to living a full and meaningful life.