Donna Murphy

Donna Murphy holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and is registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers. She is a therapist who specializes in family counselling, a Certified Meditation Instructor with the Deepak Chopra Centre in California, a yoga teacher, and is Certified in Adult Education. She operates a private practice; Donna Murphy Counselling located in Calgary, Alberta.

Her private practice involves working with couples, co-parenting under separation/divorce, blended families, parenting issues, as well as individual counselling.  Donna’s approach to therapy integrates Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Brief Solution Focused, Spirituality and Meditation.

She has been practicing in the field for 12 years in a variety of settings such as government, EAP programs, private practice and not for profit organizations .


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While Donna enjoys doing individual work clients, her passion revolves around working with divorcing couples and blended families. She works with the Department of Justice helping couples involved in Family Court to resolve their conflict. She assists divorcing spouses by helping them begin their journey of healing.

Her passion for this demographic stems from her own experience with divorce and later the blending of her own family. She believes that in order to develop empathy in our society one has to understand situations from a deeper level and having the experience, healing from it and sharing the knowledge is a way to do so.

Having gone through a divorce and later blending families, Donna sees the gaps that exist in our society from working with divorcing families.

From a spiritual lens, she sees that spouses following the break of their marriage, often seek meaning and purpose. She combines therapeutic techniques, spirituality and holistic healing modalities, to help her clients see a bigger picture from the narrow view that we all see during times of struggle.

Donna is extremely caring and compassionate. Her success with her clients centers around her ability to make use of a a loving space for people to be able to begin to heal and reconnect with themselves, thereby setting them up for forgiveness.