Dawn Porter-Schofield

Dawn is an Accredited Family Mediator Acc.F.M (OAFM) and Accredited Elder Mediator Acc.E.M (OAFM) through the Ontario Association for Family Mediators. She has an undergrad in psychology and masters in law LL.M (ADR).

She has studied all methods, styles and approaches to mediation so she can tailor what works best for the individuals she services.

 Her services include:

  • Family Mediation for Separation/Divorce
  • Parent/Teen Conflict Resolution
  • Parenting Coordination for High Conflict Parents
  • Elder Care Mediation
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Angels Endorsement

Dawn is an Accredited Family Mediator and has been servicing families for over 17 years. With an undergrad in psychology and a Masters in Law Dawn brings a unique and comprehensive set of education and full time experience that benefits the whole family.

As a mediator Dawn is committed to helping couples experiencing separation develop an agreement that is Fair, Equitable and Wise. The turmoil that a family lives during this difficult and uncharted time is guided by the knowledge and experience that Dawn brings to each and every family.

She does not place a template on every case but looks at each family as unique with needs specific to their lives and works with each family to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Much like Divorce Angles, Dawn seeks to help the family, not contribute to its destruction by adding conflict and arguing. By helping couples focus on what is most important to them Dawn helps create a mediated agreement that both people can respect moving forward and the children can benefit from as much as possible.

Controlling the costs of separation and divorce are crucial so Dawn will only bill for the time you spend in her office and the time it takes to write your document. You will not pay for phone calls or time spent e-mailing because Dawn wants to encourage communication.

Cornerstone Mediation helps you control and lower the emotional and financial cost of separation and provide a better foundation for moving forward.