Cori Capp

Cori graduated from York University  with  a  BA in Sociology.   She is a certified body centred life coach (CBCC) and an Adler trained Coach (ATC).   She  is known as an intuitive healer and she also holds a certification in Soul Coaching.

Cori’s clients benefit from her many years of work as a recruiter in the financial industry.   It was there that she honed her abilities of non-judgment, acceptance and appreciation of the ‘unique and original’ in people.

Her gift is her ability to look at a person and instantly detect blockages in their energy and well being.  She removes these blockages through a variety of mental and spiritual exercises known as energetic tools.  These tools help raise personal vibrations, that often leads to a direct shift in one’s life circumstances.

As a supportive partner, she helps you get back in touch with your needs. Only when you feel truly nurtured and cared for by yourself, can you then give freely out of true joy and abundance instead of guilt and obligation.

Cori is fearless in her ability to seek out truth. By engaging her clients in powerful conversations which deepen their understanding of themselves and guiding them to trust their body’s intelligence as a resource, they are propelled into action and meaningful change.

With creativity, spiritual wisdom and a finely tuned intuitiveness, Cori consistently connects with the “raw and real” in each of her clients.

You’ll find Cori to be fun and engaging and….you’ll be willing to share your stories without feeling any judgment!

Cori’s  coaching philosophy – “Explore, Empower, Energize”

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Angels Endorsement

Cori brings curiosity, playfulness and empathy to each of her coaching sessions. Having gone through her own difficult divorce, she has chosen to live an intentional driven life. We think her compassionate and understanding nature is key as she listens and guides her clients into a new life.

Cori's coaching style provides a safe space for her clients to be with their emotional turmoil.  Her practice helps her clients cope with the feelings of sadness, failure, regret, anger, guilt and disappointment as they rage through the body during this difficult time.

Cori connects directly with her clients -- She is engaging and motivates her clients to deepen their understanding of themselves so that they can propel into action. 

Her style is relaxed and comfortable --- you will feel at ease, like you are talking to one of your friends.