Chérie Lynn Jackson, CCH CCST RM

Divorced with two adult children and happily married to her Soul Mate in the beautiful Québec countryside, Chérie, a proud Anglophone, offers 22 years of professional service and care in the Healing Arts field.

Armed with a unique skill set, she adds highly attuned intuition and compassion to her repertoire of certified transformational strategies. Trained in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Chérie offers a holistic, “outside the box” viewpoint for you to consider.

The benefits allow for more flexibility with choices; heightened comprehension of self and personal needs; deeper connection to Source energy; a clear, calm road forward with personal power intact and mental clarity as your rudder.

Having personally experienced the pain and torment of separation to living a beautiful life with the man she loves, Chérie has come full circle and is ready to help you do the same! Please feel free to email Chérie for more information on how she may help support you with her holistic services and tailored transformational programs. Skype, telephone and email sessions are available for your convenience. Fees start as low as $40 per session.

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Angels Endorsement

Chérie's separation and divorce threw her into an unknown layer of herself. She struggled to find her heart and bring even more love to her children at a time of confusion and fear.

At times it seemed hopelessly impossible, yet she continued to delve deeply within and find the courage, faith and trust in herself to be the very best mother she could be. This learning has been an invaluable cornerstone to her many years of service to those who experience loss, loneliness, and despair.

Chérie uses her warmth, humour and "off the shoulder" honesty in her interactions with clients. As a Regression Specialist, she believes there is no layer that cannot be reached to unlock the hidden mysteries of who we really are, where we have been, why things happen as they do and where we are headed.

Chérie believes it is our birthright to know who we really are. When the time comes to know, the path before us opens. "We instinctively follow. It is an unknown. Yet, we are met with miracles, wonderful surprises, new love and soulful healing."