Aubrey J. Sherman

Aubrey J. Sherman is an award-winning family law, divorce, and estate planning lawyer, accredited family mediator, and partner at Sherman Law LLP in Waterloo Region. Aubrey’s many years of experience helping clients and families move forward as a family in two households has allowed him to see first hand that when families are no longer in conflict, they are able to resolve disputes, find values-based solutions to their problems, and create durable agreements. The over four decades of experience at Sherman Law LLP assisting clients with matrimonial matters has empowered the team to take a healing-centric approach to separation that focuses on finding solutions where maintaining good relationships is still a possibility for your family and children. Aubrey’s professional team includes dedicated and responsive legal support staff, family professionals, financial professionals, and therapists. Aubrey assists clients in Waterloo Region and throughout the Province of Ontario.

Aubrey understands that court proceedings can be damaging to families and the importance of finding peaceful ways to talk about difficult issues and resolve disputes. Aubrey’s practise focuses on consensual family law dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative divorce. He believes that family law matters are often best resolved outside of the courtroom. He is quick to spot creative opportunities for conflict resolution and advocates for integrative, wholistic, and comprehensive family law where the law can be a healing profession. He practises family law for every kind of modern family including blended families and same-sex couples. While many lawyers will discuss the importance of protecting the assets of the client and getting the best possible outcome during initial consultations, Aubrey frequently shifts the conversation to the importance of “listening to understand” in helping clients to gain insight, awareness, and understanding in new ways that help to resolve conflict, settle disputes, and build stronger relationships.

The team at Sherman Law LLP never lose sight that families and relationships are often at stake. As a forward-thinking advocate, Aubrey work with each client to make sure they are able to make educated decisions by focusing on the person and their family as a way of finding healthy and sustainable solutions. Aubrey helps his clients to resolve legal disputes by applying an interest-based and insightful approach to conflict resolution, including a focus on the intra-personal and inter-personal factors relating to the legal dispute. The ability to see the bigger picture allows the team at Sherman Law LLP to provide exceptional advocacy for their clients.

In Aubrey’s early career, he gained substantial experience in real estate, business and corporate law, and he had the opportunity to mentor with and learn from senior family law, corporate, and estates counsel. Aubrey’s diverse expertise benefits his family law clients because he understands the corporate, trust, and estates issues that often intersect in matrimonial disputes, including joint ventures, complex business valuations, division of family run businesses, employment matters, constructive and resulting trust claims, unjust enrichment, and succession planning for corporations.

Aubrey is a certified collaborative divorce lawyer with the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals (OACP) and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). He advocates for collaborative family law as a better way to separate and divorce than traditional adversarial litigation. As an accredited family mediator (AccFM) with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM), Aubrey combines his legal, business, and social science background to assist parties to resolve disputes.

Aubrey is an alumnus of the advanced mediation and conflict management program at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. He is a graduate of the conflict management and mediation certificate program through the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies at Conrad Grebel University College at the University of Waterloo. Aubrey obtained certificates in dispute resolution through the ADR Institute of Ontario with a focus on conflict and negotiation theory and the mediation process. He has completed advanced family mediation training through Family Mediation Training Canada in the insight approach (Picard) and the interest-based approach (Fisher/Ury). He is also a graduate of the intensive Certificate in Family Law Skills and Practice from Osgoode Hall Law School. Aubrey is a member of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, the ADR Institute of Ontario, and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Aubrey works with clients in estate planning to focus beyond financial capital, including the intellectual, social, human and spiritual aspects of working with families of wealth. He assists his clients to create comprehensive estate plans that satisfy financial and emotional goals while being purposeful and family focused. The team at Sherman Law LLP focuses on transferring wealth in a way that energizes, motives and creates opportunity for chosen beneficiaries. Aubrey also advises estate trustees through the process and challenges they face in properly administering estates and assists them in the court appointment and probate process.

For over 45 years, Sherman Law LLP has been listening to clients’ needs and helping them move forward from separation and divorce. Aubrey brings this wealth of firm experience to work for you. Please contact Aubrey today for dependable, supportive, and effective family law, mediation, estate planning, and estate administration legal assistance at 519-884-0034 or email

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Aubrey believes in moving families forward towards healing, providing his clients with a measure of security and stability in the midst of uncertainty, and to always advancing children’s best interests. Aubrey is quickly developing a reputation as the go-to lawyer and mediator when other lawyers have previously failed to resolve disputes.

Aubrey and his team actively listen to your situation and assist you in finding the best solutions for you and your family to resolve your disputes. Aubrey offers a common sense approach, while driving issues towards a timely, cost-effective and beneficial resolution. He promotes an interdisciplinary approach to family law by ensuring that his clients have the opportunity to obtain the advice of the best experts in related fields, including forensic accountants, tax specialists, social workers, and psychologists.

Aubrey and his team support you through every step of your separation and divorce so that you can make decisions with the confidence of knowing that you are in knowledgeable and reliable hands leaving you time to focus on the things that really matter – your children, your family and the rebuilding of the next chapter in your life.


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