Anouk Benzacar

Having been a lawyer for 22 years, and having been divorced myself, I am an ideal choice to successfully guide you through the process. My offices provide a confidential, friendly yet professional atmosphere to sort out all aspects of the end of your relationship.

Being a family law lawyer, once our mediation process effectively comes to an end, I can seamlessly represent you in a joint divorce. This aspect not only saves you money but more importantly, it removes an essential and otherwise stressful element from your to-do list.

Why have the Courts determine your future when you can use my experience and knowledge of the law to guide you to a more amicable, equitable and mutually beneficial solution? Why spend thousands of dollars in endless Court proceedings? Why let litigation put additional strain on your family?

The government encourages mediation and even offers an incentive by subsidizing the first five hours of sessions (for more information, please visit my website). Courts are backlogged and under staffed; they are leaning more and more towards amicable settlements in part because these cases promote a more harmonious future for you and your family.

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Angels Endorsement

Having been a lawyer for 22 years, Anouk has knowledge, professionalism as well as experience in dealing with people. Anouk’s friendly, open yet cut-to-the-chase personality promotes cooperation, honesty, trust and alleviation of stress.

Anouk has an ability to see past the details and focus in on the big picture, thereby arriving at several possible options for all issues relating to the end of a relationship.

Her strong belief that anything can be settled if she guides her clients to work together, as hard as that may seem, has been proven by her success rate. She has a way of seeing the situation, zeroing in on the issues at hand in order to efficiently and successfully arrive at mutually agreeable conclusions.

Anouk deeply feels that family law matters, whenever possible, should never see the inside of a courtroom. She is committed to playing her part in seeing that through.


First payable hour at 50% off!

The first five hours are subsidized by the government if you have dependent children (this includes adult children still in school). The sixth hour would thus be billed at $55.00

There is no subsidy for files without dependent children. The first hour would thus be billed at $90.00