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It’s easy to feel alone when you’re going through a divorce. Thankfully, the professionals at Divorce Angels are here to give you a steady shoulder to lean on. We offer a variety of services, including therapy, legal and financial help, mediation services and more to help you get through this tough time. At Divorce Angels, we only refer you to the best, most passionate and discrete professionals to help guide you through your divorce. Don’t let your divorce get in the way of the rest of your life.


Addiction Therapy

Addiction affects everyone in a family—not just the person afflicted with the disease. Choose from the best addiction therapists in your area with our list of local professionals. Addiction requires immediate attention, and should not be taken lightly. Get in touch with one our trusted professionals today to start your path to recovery.

Couples Therapy

No marriage is perfect—that’s no secret. But difficulties in a marriage should not always end up in divorce. Give your marriage another chance with the help of a professional couples therapist in Toronto. Our list of professionals is hand-picked to offer you only the best, most discrete services in your area.

Estate Lawyers

There are lots of things to deal with when going through a divorce. Make your life easier by hiring an estate lawyer in Toronto. Our professionals will help with estate planning, and ensure that your children and family are protected from future debt. Cover all of your bases with one of our top notch estate lawyers.

Family Law Lawyers

Bypass the drama of litigation with a cost-effective family law lawyer, hand-picked by Divorce Angels. Keep your children safe and your family stress-free as you navigate your way through the divorce process alongside one of our trusted professionals. Find a livable and practical solution for you and your children.

Family Mediation

Go with the softer alternative to dispute resolution with one of our top quality family mediators. The services we refer you to are confidential, and run by professionals who have you and your family’s best interests in mind. Plan a happy, smart, and stress-free future for your children.

Financial Planner

Planning your financial future is one of the most important things to remember during a divorce. At Divorce Angels, we have hand-picked only the best financial planners in your area. Deal with your retirement and pension plans, make decisions about your home, and arrange custody and child support alongside a knowledgeable professional.