Re-establishing yourself after a divorce is a difficult process. Amongst dividing up property, managing time with children and pets, and debilitating legal fees, is the reality that you’ll likely need a new place to live. Each post-marriage move-out has challenges of its own and though each move is nuanced, there are a few best practices to follow.

Securing a short-term rental is an excellent option for temporary housing between moves. There are many housing options in Toronto that include apartments with variable lease terms, sublets, extended stay hotels, and vacation rentals. Because each of these rental options are meant to be transitional, living in them will feel a bit different than living somewhere long-term.

If you’re planning to make the move soon, here are a few tips for making the most of your time in a short-term home:

Fully-furnished is the way to go

Choosing a move-in ready rental will save you from having to decorate, packing and unpacking, and organizing a home that’s just temporary. Rosewell Gardens—located at Avenue Road and Lawrence Avenue, one of the most prestigious residential neighbourhoods in Toronto—boasts fully-furnished suites that are available for short-term rent. This contemporary residence has large windows, elegant finishings and spectacular views of the surrounding area. You will find the perfect balance of activity and leisure in a cozy, warm environment abundant with everything to suit your lifestyle needs.

Don’t unpack everything

A short-term rental means that another move is on the horizon. To make it easier on yourself, limit what you bring along or unpack in the new place. This might mean finding temporary storage for your belongings until you move somewhere a little bit more permanent.

Your short-term rental should cover the basics

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the things you rely upon to live comfortably. Finding a short-term rental option with preferred amenities instead of forcing yourself to make do without them will make the experience more pleasant. Rosewell Gardens offers stainless steel appliances, in-suite laundry, a shared fitness facility, indoor parking, and is close to public transit and retail amenities. It even has a guest suite for when your kids, family, or friends come to visit. Though you won’t be in this home forever, the comfort of knowing you still have access to these staples is important.

Add homey touches

Transitioning in and out of your short-term rental should be as smooth as possible. Not having to decorate too much is another reason why a fully-furnished condo like Rosewell Gardens is ideal. With it already feeling warm and inviting, you’ll only need to do a couple things to make it feel like home again. Adding some of your favourite images to the fridge, tossing that cozy blanket onto the couch, and setting up a comfortable workspace are great (and manageable) places to start.

Needing a home to bridge the gap between moves is a huge change but embrace it for what it is. Do what you can to turn it into a place that you enjoy living in—you’ll be so glad that you did!

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