1.  Attention all Instagram posters:
I get it your away.  Your travelling with your spouse and your in love. Lucky you. It might be my present state of mind but really is everyone #blessed and #happy?  It makes me want to #vomit.  It’s like a train wreck. I know, I know. My friends tell me not to look but I can’t help myself.  I am my behaving like by 13 year old daughter and suffering from extreme FOMO. (Fear of missing out for those of you older than 20). Or are you people acting like your children? Go and enjoy your private precious moments In PRIVATE!!! You are lucky to still have a spark. Why do you feel the need to share 24/7?
2.  People are you really buying your likes?? What has become of our generation? People are posting pictures on Instagram and hundreds of people are liking it. How did my Instagram friends gain a following from people who don’t speak english or have one post?  Clearly their  buying their likes. Who knew it was a thing?  The discovery has at least helped me not feel as bad about myself!! Although I do have to wonder what the thought process is behind it. Isn’t grade 7 and the whole popularity race over?
3.  Hey girlfriend.  Did you really have a party and invite my ex and NOT me?  Have you not heard of Facebook?  A friend of a friend tagged him at your house and clearly there was a party going on that I wasn’t invited to. This was a bad night for me. I felt so hurt and betrayed but I could hardly call you and say “Thanks for the invite. I noticed while stalking your profile on Facebook?”  Or could / should I?  All I know is this whole divorce thing has really made me question who my friends are and apparently your not one of them.
4.  A private message to my ex husbands present girlfriend. Give it up!.  You’re not fooling anyone on Instagram.  Whatever filter your using is indeed making you look fit, sexy and fun.  Good for you for finding it because we both know you do not look like that in real life. What app are you using? Come on give it up…..You’ve got my ex.. can’t you show a sister a little love?
As I write this I know I sound jealous, angry and even nasty. It’s amazing that Social Media can stir up such awful feelings inside me.  So I have decided that I am going to take myself off the grid. I am deleting my Facebook and Instagram Account today.  Clearly being wrapped up in everyone I know and their friends lives is not healthy for me.
I no longer wish to travel, go to dinner, go to parties, or celebrate milestones with my Facebook and Instagram friends anymore.
My divorce and Social media have taught me similar things about myself–  happiness comes from within.
I have nothing to prove, promote or flaunt  to anyone but to myself.
So to my real friends – if you want to communicate with me try this old fashioned thing — it’s called the phone!
Anita, 51
Social Media Free

One Response to “Top 4 Reasons why your Facebook and Instagram Posts are driving me crazy during my Divorce!”

  1. cathy

    just remember those who post/tweet/snap etc – are doing it because they need validation – they aren’t as happy as they seem 🙂


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