I have never read so many quotes as when I was going through my divorce, it seemed as though whatever quote that crossed my path was speaking directly to me, and it was just the one I needed to hear at that exact moment. My best friends, Facebook and Instagram, must have all been able to pick up on my vibrations as it always amazed me as to how a friend would send me a quote precisely as I was in a time of need, or someone on Facebook or Instagram would post one as though it was intended just for me. The first quote that I latched onto as I was going through my divorce was “Take the step the bridge will be there” because I had just literally taken the biggest step of my life, and so when I realized that the bridge was in fact there to catch me, I took comfort in trusting the words of the wise.

Now, the bridge that I was presented with had all sorts of malfunctions, it had no railings to protect me from falling off of it, it swayed back and forth with each step I took, and it was by far the longest bridge that I had ever come across, it made me wonder if I was ever going to get to the other side in one piece. Although, I had a lot of friends and family supporting me during this time, I knew that it was only me who could ultimately get myself to the other side of this bridge, so with each frightening step I took I began to set new boundaries, strengthen my pillars and learned to trust my intuitions, all while repeating over and over again one of my all-time favourite quotes “This too Shall Pass”, and it did. I made it to the other side and am now stronger more confident and empowered because I took the step, and “became the hero of my own story”.

As I gained momentum as the hero of my own story I was constantly reminded during times of adversary of a quote that came my way via a friend of mine, “Kites rise highest against the wind-not with it”, so as each gust of wind raged at me I forced myself to face towards it and like a windmill utilized its power to energize change. I believed that if “a lotus flower had the ability to rise through the mud and bloom out of the darkness” then so did I, and with nothing short of will, determination and perseverance I ultimately reached my Zen. I have since learned to embrace change whether it be by choice or by chance, and that after each pleasant, or painful transformation new parts of me will emerge because “I put my pieces back differently” and that “I am better off healed than I ever was unbroken”.

I loved the optimism that was embedded within each of the quotes that presented themselves to me. I embraced them because they were spoken by people who I admired as they themselves had overcome overwhelming hardships. Today may be tough for you. You might fear taking the first step, or facing the harrowing winds, but I can assure you that the bridge will be there, you will soar to new heights, and “This too Shall Pass”.


Amy Lindo

Amy Lindo is a divorced mother of 2 who recently joined Divorced Angels as  Manager of Business Development in the Vancouver area.  If you are interested in connecting with Amy please send her an email amylindo@divorceangels.ca

5 Responses to “This too Shall Pass….”

    • Amy

      Hi Leah,
      knowing that “This too shall pass” is freedom to embrace whatever comes our way 🙂

  1. Anne

    I got a lot of strength from the song lyrics of Sara B’s Brave…
    “Don’t run, stop holding your tongue. Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live.
    Maybe one of these days you can let the light in.
    Show me how big your brave is. Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out
    Honestly I wanna see you be brave with what you want to say
    Your history of silence won’t do you any good. Did you think it would?”
    We need inspiration from many people and places, words are strong. 🙂

  2. Amy

    Hi Anne,
    Those a such powerful lyrics. I also have gotten strength from Sara B’s songs, one in particular called “Bluebird”…“This pair of wings, worn and rusted, from too many years by my side. They can carry me, swear to be sturdy and strong, but turning them on still means goodbye.”

    -Amy 🙂

  3. Felicia

    Hi Amy,

    I’ve been following your blog posts and I think you have a real talent for putting your finger on the issues new divorcees face in this new chapter of their lives. Your spin and outlook always bring me to places in this tricky process that I didn’t even consider, and your non traditional views really capture the emotion that always seems to be tied to your choices in how to get through this new reality. Ever since your first post I find myself eagerly awaiting your next bit of insight. Have you ever considered writing more frequently( like a column) or a question and answer type forum, or is there anywhere else I would be able to find your work, as I have searched online but cant seem to find anything like what you offer.
    In short, Thank you, please keep up the posts and I hope to see your work more frequently.



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