Divorce is a challenging process that will force you to deal with some pretty heavy emotions, hard decisions and difficult life changes. Depending on the reason for your divorce, you will also need to hire a few professionals like a lawyer, financial advisor, therapist or even a private investigator. Due to the sensitive nature of your divorce, and how closely you will need to work with these individuals, the type of professional you turn to for help during this time is so important. It means that in order to make it through your divorce you’re going to need some compassionate people in your life.

Building a Solid Support System

If you’re either starting or currently going through a divorce, it’s important to focus on building a solid and strong support system. This support system typically includes members of your family, but you shouldn’t stop there. The people you work with during your divorce case should also provide you with the kind of support you need. More often than not, these people are women.

Work with a Female Team

Often people view women as more compassionate than men. This is particularly true in the field of private investigation. Female private investigators are usually seen as less threatening compared to their male counterparts. Women private eye’s can also put people at ease. This is not only a huge asset in the field, but also when it comes to handling sensitive or traumatic cases.

Let’s say for example that you suspect your spouse of cheating. This is an incredibly stressful situation. You want to know the truth because it will help with your divorce settlement. At the same time, waiting to find out whether or not your spouse cheated on you is emotionally draining. Many clients have told us that they found that working with a female private investigator made them feel more comfortable and that they felt inclined to share their concerns and fears.

Delivering Peace of Mind

When it comes to divorce, take the time to surround yourself with the right team. If you need extra support, there is no shame in seeking out dedicated female professionals like a therapist, moderator, lawyer, financial advisor and even private investigator. The compassion these people can provide will give you the encouragement you need during what can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.


The Smith Investigation Agency

The Smith Investigation agency is a female owned private investigative firm and we have an excellent team of female private investigators with offices throughout the province of Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa Barrie, and Northern Ontario. Services include, child custody investigations, corporate & legal investigations, family investigations, skip tracing and locates, missing person cases, and more. For more information, contact The Smith Investigation Agency at Info@SmithInvestigationAgency.com or 416-479-8474.  To learn more view their profile at https://www.thedivorceangels.com/vendor/whitney-joy-smith/


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