I have recently separated from my husband, after learning of his affair.  Processing the betrayal and the emotional trauma of infidelity is something none of my friends or family could relate to.  I spent a lot of time alone, usually on my computer searching and researching about divorce, affairs, and how to heal.  I came across the Divorce Angels chat on one of my searches and it became my go to outlet to help me process my feelings.  I want to thank Divorce Angels for creating a chat room for people to talk about anything and everything divorce related, any time of the day or night.

The chat room allowed me to connect and  anonymously talk to people who understood EXACTLY what I was feeling, which was a valuable resource for me since I couldn’t afford a therapist. I loved that I could talk candidly about my fears, pain and private details with people on the chat, a lot of details that I wasn’t ready to share with my friends and family. 

To my surprise, I met two amazing women (one from the US, and one from Britain) who had experienced the same trauma in their own marriages.  They listened, and validated my feelings.  They offered advice when I asked and truly helped me start to cope with my grief.  These two women provided support for me that I couldn’t find from the “offline” people in my life.  I am really grateful for these new friendships and the kind and caring people that I connected with on the Divorce Angels chat.

Jana, 49

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