You’re in the process of a divorce and you or your ex-spouse are moving out, perhaps both. Where are you going to live and how will you manage the move? How are you going to handle the transition and make sure you have enough funds for a deposit?

To secure a new place you’ll need a deposit, and that can be hard to come by when you’re anxious with all the stresses and strains of a divorce. Tembo Financial can help secure you a loan for a deposit to a new home, condominium, or apartment in 48 hours or two business days. That means you’ll have rapid peace of mind and the ability to start your new life fresh, moving out sooner makes moving on easier. You could need money for rent, accommodations during the transition, another car, or even upgrading your matrimonial home for a better sale.

With a new home comes new expenses: furniture, repairs, renovations, or new appliances. A quick loan from Tembo Financial will help you manage your transition smoothly and comfortably. The equity of your matrimonial home is a very useful resource which could help with the burdens of a divorce and Tembo can help you rapidly access your share. We’ve helped many clients manage the difficulty of a divorce and settle their differences faster and with more peace of mind.

No one wants a brutal divorce process but in the event of one, Tembo Financial can help provide the financial assistance that provides the shot at a fair trial outcome. Your equity in a home or property could be the answer to high legal bills. $60,000 is the average cost of 3-day civil trial, more than the average median family income in the country.

Have you sold your home, and now can use an advance on your equity before closing day, perhaps you need money for a renovations or a trial?  Tembo Financial can help!  Tembo offers this unique service to homeowners in Ontario and the GTA.  You could receive your money in as little as 48 hours with no credit check and no appraisal* for expenses that matter to you.

*Subject to qualification


Arryn Greenspan
President & CEO
Tembo Financial

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