My wife and I had been struggling with our marriage for the last 5 years.  We tried everything to save it and keep our family intact, but after years of marriage counselling with no change, we realized that we just couldn’t move forward in our marriage.

There were 3 things that we did agree on……

1. That divorce was inevitable.   

2.  That we wanted the process to be completed as quickly and as stress free as possible. 

3.  That we didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on lawyers fighting over our issues.

A friend recommended that we contact a divorce mediator and we were both so grateful that we did.  Our divorce mediator was incredible.  She had also gone through the divorce process herself and made us feel comfortable and safe.   My wife and I both felt that we were being treated fair and well looked after.  She worked with us to help reach a mutually agreeable settlement with the division of our assets and debts, our child and spousal support arrangements, and parenting provisions.   After weeks of discussions,  both my wife and I walked away happy with what was agreed upon.  Never did I think the end of a marriage could be so civil and with communication, equal say and ultimately agreement and settlement.  There were no fights or power struggles, just a safe environment to make really important decisions for our financial division and financial responsibilities, as well as healthy parental arrangements that were in the best interest of our children.

We both feel that this process,  facilitated by our mediator,  helped us move forward quickly, cost-efficient, and as painless as possible.  As a direct result my ex-wife and I have remained friendly and seem to communicate better now as exes and co-parents then while we were married. 

John, 49

One Response to “Separation and divorce are painful, but divorce mediators can make it a little easier.”

  1. Alice Carroll

    Thanks for explaining that it would be best to work with a divorce mediator if ending the marriage is agreed upon to be inevitable. I have a friend who is in that kind of situation right now and it’s kind of surprising how she and her spouse could talk civilly after all the fights that they’ve been through. Through a divorce mediation, they might be able to end things faster.


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