Thirty-minute free phone consultation with Accountant Renee le Nobel

Renee offers a thirty-minute phone consultation to Divorce Angels clients to discuss your situation and how the Collaborative Process for Divorce works. Promotion not valid between March 1 and April 30th.

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Renée le Nobel is a sole proprietor who obtained her MBA in 1997 and her CPA, CA in 2001.

She has many years experience of preparing both personal and corporate tax returns.

Renee provides bookkeeping, accounting and tax services for individuals and small businesses with a focus on helping individuals and couples that are navigating separation and divorce.

Renée’s main area of expertise is creating budgets and financial plans for individuals to navigate their future lives once they are separated and divorced.

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Renée helps couples find hope and a way out of the financial predicament that they may find themselves in, due to separation and divorce, by enabling them to realign their values with their financial reality.

Renée knows both the financial and emotional havoc separation and divorce can cause because she has lived it. As she went through her own divorce and navigated the path from becoming a stay-at-home mom to part-time co-parent of two small children and full-time career woman, she realized that there is a good way and a bad way to divorce. She redesigned her career so she could help individuals and couples who are separating find that better way.

She knew this was her new career path when both her own lawyer and her ex’s lawyer took one look at her budget and said: “We need people like you in the Collaborative Practice of divorce.” She added to her training and background as a CPA, CA and trained to become a financial neutral in the Collaborative Divorce process and has been helping couples ever since.
Renée listens to you and discusses your financial situation in a non-threatening and empathetic way. She helps individuals and families create spending plans and financial goals that align with their own values and beliefs. She understands that conflict is not Inherently bad but the way conflict is handled can be, and helps couples discuss their dreams in a way that they can both feel heard.

If you are in the middle of a conflict involving financial difficulties, you may feel that you cannot live your dreams. Renée will help you find a path out and help you get back on track. It is never too late to start.