Robert Goulard Offers Affordable Rates For Different Counselling Services

Robert Goulard Counselling Service employs various methods which make counselling available to people at an affordable rate.

The standard rate is $90.00 per hour which can be paid for through a variety of insurance programs such as Green Sheild, EAP’s, and other private insurance companies.

A significantly reduced rate for counselling is available to people who are actively participate in group therapy with Robert Goulard. Group counselling, in addition to being very effective, makes counselling available to all people at a very affordable rate. Group counselling, however, can be very intense consequently, acceptance into group therapy sessions is not guaranteed. Individuals interested in group therapy will be assessed in order to ensure their suitability for this type of therapy. Group sessions are only $22.50 (HST included), plus, participation in groups will reduce the hourly counselling by almost 50%, making the hourly counselling rate only $50.

In addition to the standard rates, the reduced rates and group therapy options, Robert Goulard Counselling Services also offers Narrative and Brief Counselling which is a type of counselling that can offer effective change very quickly, which in turn, reduces the over-all cost for therapy. Once again, this is very effective for some people but acceptance into this type of service is not guaranteed and people interested will be fully assessed in order to determine the suitability of this type of work.

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I've established myself as a specialized therapist in the field of mental health, marital conflict and addiction.  I have obtained all the necessary credentials, a Masters' Degree in Social Work, a member of the Ontario Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors and a Designation in Addiction Counselling II.

The bulk of my training focused on a theoretical framework in mental health with a concentration in psychodynamic theory from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. I have seven years of front line experience as a mental health, divorce and a family therapist in addition to extensive experience with troubled youth. I have also supervised university students during placements for their Masters Degree in Social Work.

My university education in addition to my varied work and personal experiences over the years have provided me with fully comprehensive training in properly diagnosing, evaluating and treating patients of all ages, including adults, children, adolescents and persons with developmental disabilities

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Robert's personal recovery process was the most difficult and rewarding experience of his life. It created the solid foundation from which he now meets challenges personally and professionally in all areas of his life.

His goal as a qualified and professional counsellor/therapist is to help you identify, clarify and modify your internal environment so that you too can meet the challenges you are faced with in life, in a new, meaningful and life enhancing way.

He believes that happiness, peace, joy and love are available to all people, despite their past actions or circumstances. He is a therapist who has a deep understanding of problems such as divorce, marital conflict, addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and the like. This understanding comes as a result of his academic background as well as from having been in active therapy for many years himself.

He knows all too well what it's like to have struggles and to try and work through problems in life. He personally has experienced difficult times in life just like everyone else. His own experiences in counselling and group therapy have taught him that drugs and alcohol were only masks which covered up the real issues that you needed to address.

The road to change is not a quick and simple path, but with perseverance, willingness, and the right professional counselling, Robert helps his clients to dramatically transform and fully appreciate what a blessing each day is.