Reduced Rate on Phone Consultation with Family Law Lawyer Jeremy Dolgin

Mr. Dolgin will provide potential new client’s with an approximately 1/2 hour telephone consultaiton for $100. These consultations can usually be booked within 24 hours!

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I have been practicing family law for twenty years. I have lots of experience with courts and realize that alternative approaches, including collaborative law and mediation are almost always better for clients. It is not only important that clients obtain good, fair settlements, but also that we minimize both emotional and financial cost along the way. This is especially true when children are involved.

As well as being a lawyer, I am a trained mediator and I was one of the founding members of the Ottawa Collaborative Law group. I graduated from the University of Toronto Law school and have been practicing in Ottawa since 1997. I offer clients everything from collaborative law to mediation to traditional litigation services. I only practice family law as I believe it is virtually impossible to be truly expert in more than one area of law.

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Mr. Dolgin has always looked "outside the box" in terms of the needs of his clients and how best to achieve those needs. He defines a "good deal" as not only what is negotiated, but how it is negotiated, the lasting impact on the family, and the costs involved. Mr. Dolgin is constantly thinking of ways to keep costs down by, amongst other things, empowering his client's to do some work themselves and working with very experienced but significantly lower priced support staff.

Mr. Dolgin is careful to keep his roster of client's at a reasonable number so that he is readily available to his existing client's and can respond to communication in a very timely manner.