No Fee for First Hour of Initial Consultation with Collaborative Lawyer Marlene Fitzpatrick

No fee for initial consultation up to 1 hour, if retained. Discount offered for basic wills and Powers of Attorney where Marlene has  acted for person in negotiating a resolution of issues arising from the person’s separation or marriage breakdown

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Marlene has over 30 years experience in family law. She is one  of the original members of local collaborative family law association established over 10 years ago.

She offers supportive, knowledgeable, professional advice during this difficult time while directing you in the right direction for resolving the conflict.

For the past number of months, her practice  has been restricted to non-litigated family law matters and negotiated means of dispute resolution. In the course of her family law dealings, her practice has extended to residential real estate involving purchase, sale and refinancing transactions. Marlene also does estate planning including preparation of wills and Powers of Attorney.




Angels Endorsement

Marlene has seen how anger and bitterness can consume someone. She has seen how overwhelmed and distraught a client can be when his or her relationship breaks down. Litigation only adds to the emotional toll. The court system and the costs involved can be daunting.

As a proponent of collaborative law, Marlene now devotes her time to negotiating out-of-court settlements. She is supportive to her clients in the process offering them advice, insight and an opportunity to be heard.

She encourages clients to actively participate in making the decisions which affect their lives. Marlene believes when a client reaches an acceptable resolution of issues arising from the breakdown of their relationship, they can move forward with their life with a more positive outlook.

Marlene is aware of her duty to ensure clients are aware of their rights and obligations. She is also aware clients make decisions for various reasons and clients should be able to decide issues as they see fit. Marlene is a compassionate and caring person who works to resolve matters as cost-effectively and expeditiously as possible in the circumstances.